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With all its harmonies
And dissonance it plays on,
Never ceasing, never yielding.

One can close his eyes against it
And feel its force, strong and uncompromised.
The sound swells and builds an grows,
Moving mountains, bringing cities to their knees.
It is a scream, echoed in the voices of the people.

With all its harmonies
And dissonance it plays on,
Never ceasing, never yielding.

And then, this incomparable force gives way
To the most frightening sound of all:

It all fades away
And all that’s left

Is silence.

Written for my English class. The prompt was to compare war to something else. This one compares it to music. This is technically not my NaPoWriMo poem, but since I’m a few days behind and uber-busy, I’m gonna put it as today’s, kk?

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Today I went for a run
And almost got hit by a car.

I couldn’t help but think how
Horrible it would be to die that way.
I guess I imagine my death as some
Big, extravagant, unexpected event,
Something I fear my life may never be.

After a second of realizing how close
My encounter really had been,
I began running again.

Life doesn’t take walks.
Why should I?

NaPoWriMo Day 13. The prompt was to take a walk and write about what you saw. I saw absolutely nothing significant, so I wrote about this instead. And yours truly doesn’t take walks.

Words I Dare Not Speak

There are so many words
That have adhered to my lips
Through all your broken promises
And all my little blips.

So many small confessions
So many things I did not say
And all I’ve done is hate myself
For letting you slip away.

But now that time has come and gone
And before another minute comes to pass
I’ll start with this confession:
You weren’t my first, nor my last.

I’ll continue on to say
That I never planned to fall
I wanted to keep a level head
But you ruined that all.

What else can I confess?
Oh! Though I love being your friend,
I’m still consumed in thoughts of you.
How soon did forever end?

I still feel your fingers laced through mine
Your arms still hold me near.
Being with you, I always felt safe.
You eradicated all of my fear.

And every song sounds like you because
Music was our common thread.
You are the broken melodies
That now run through my head.

But nothing more than friends are we
At this we’ve reached our peak.
No matter what you’ll never hear
These words I dare not speak.

NaPoWriMo Day 12. The prompt was to write all the things you’d never say to someone. I’m so tired of writing about almosts, but I figured it would help me to write about this. And it rhymes.

Revenge Is Ever So Sweet

The sky has turned black
The flowers appear to mourn
The grave has been dug
Still she cannot help but smile
He deserved all that he got

NaPoWriMo Day Eleven! It’s a tanka, the “American haiku.” The syllables count 5-7-5-7-7.

Letter to Another Almost Lover

I am taking the time to write
In the dark of night some things
I really should have said last we spoke.

I thought I found you charming and sweet
I believed that this might work, having childish
Daydreams of all that I thought we just might be.

But all along I knew that something was wrong
And here it is: you disgust me slightly.
You did not want me, but what you thought
I would give you and I was blinded by the thrill
Of being wanted and of being chased.

I’ve finally seen the error in this
And I hope that you do not like next girl simply
Because you find her to be helpless, innocent, easy prey.
And if this is the case, I pray she is like me but
With more self-esteem and just as much self respect.

Goodbye and have a nice life.

The Girl Who Almost Fell For It

NaPoWriMo Day Ten. The closest I could come to an “unlove” poem.

9:20 pm

They say if you love a flower
You should not pick it from the ground
But let it flourish so that others may
Enjoy the beauty you so adored.

People are like flowers in this way.
They’re afraid to be loved because love means
Bring pulled out of the place where they are roted.

But they are also afraid to be left
Because leaving means goodbye and
Goodbye means going away and
Going away means forgetting.

Forgetting means that every laugh,
Every tear, every touch,
Every plan, every dream
Is meaningless and was all along.

And so, it seems, a dilemma is created
From the confusion of contradictory human nature.
We do not want to be loved nor do we desire to be left.
Yet we hunger for emotion, attachment, affection.

It appears that the only way
To truly care for someone is to
Not love them, and still stay with them always.

And this.
This is it: the mystery.
This, the unfathomable mystery of life
Has been spelled out and even still
Is not solved and may never be.

It’s all a game.
And we live only to play.

NaPoWriMo Day 9. The prompt was to unravel a mystery in the poem. I decided I’d unravel the mystery of life. Thoughts? Leave me love.

10:07 p.m.

The music plays on the radio now
I’m smiling though I should be in tears.
And to myself alone I have made a vow
That I will relinquish all of my fears.
No matter what evil this life allows,
No matter who leaves, who laughs, or who leers.
Whatever comes I’ll accept it with smiles.
I haven’t been this happy in a while.

NaPoWriMo Day eight. The prompt was an ottava rima for day 8: iambic pentameter, a-b-a-b-a-b-c-c rhyming scheme. I kind of love this.


You told me forever.
You said I was yours.
I didn’t believe you.

You held my hand.
You kissed my cheeks.
You told me forever.
I shouldn’t have listened.

We said just friends.
You still have me hanging on.
I don’t know why I deal with it.
You told me forever.
I was stupid to agree.

I’m forgetting you now.
It’s surprisingly easy.
I never was yours, sad but true.
You told me forever, again and again.

Do you tell her forever, too?

NaPoWriMo Day 7. The prompt was to write a poem with declarative statements that ends in a question.

Valediction to an Almost Love

We were naive and stupid,
Speaking words we didn’t know
In hopes that our definitions
Were what we wanted them to be.

We were taken by the surprise
Of common attraction and then
Broken by the pain of a shared
Fear of rejection that prevented
Our speaking of everything that needed to be said.

And now we are nothing more
Than an awkward friendship
Patched up by smiles and random
Moments of boredom.

So goodbye to an almost love
You’ll see no tears from me.
We’ve both moved on in our own time,
And rightfully, truthfully so.

I hope your new affection treats you
As well as you will treat her
And I pray mine will stay and not become
Another almost love.

I don’t know how I feel about this one. This is for Day 6 of NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to write a valediction, a poem of farewell. I’ve written better.

Musical Security

Of all
The things I’ve felt
I’ve never felt more sure
Than when I was submerged in all
The music.

Okay, this is Day 5’s poem for. NaPoWriMo! The prompt was simple: a cinquain for day 5. I quite like this. Leave me love!:-)